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Research Practices Among Select Colleges And Universities In The Province Of Bataan: Impact On Quality Assurance

Volume 6 - Issue 12, December 2023 Edition
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Dr. Erlinda E. Gatdula
impact, publication, quality assurance research practices
The study aimed to determine the research practices among colleges and universities in the province of Bataan and their impact on quality assurance during the school year 2022 – 2023. It utilized the Spearman’s rho correlation to determine the relationship between the research practices of the colleges and universities and their quality assurance. To determine the research practices of colleges and universities in Bataan as assessed by the three groups of respondents mean rank using the Kraskal Wallis was used. This was also utilized in determining the significant difference on the research practices of the colleges and universities as assessed by the respondents. Likewise, some statistical tool was utilized in describing the quality assurance of the colleges and universities in terms of planning, doing, checking and acting. Kraskal Wallis Test was utilized to test the significant difference in the median between variables. Finding of the study revealed that the overall research practices of colleges and universities is significantly correlated with their overall quality assurance. A high correlation coefficient of .868. It suggests that the higher the overall research practice, the higher the quality assurance and vice versa. The overall research practices are most correlated with planning having the highest correlation coefficient of .846. This is followed by acting, checking and doing. All of which have high correlation coefficient which means the components of quality assurance are practiced on research practices of the institution.
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