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Systems Management Approach Among Public Secondary Schools In Calabarzon

Volume 3 - Issue 2, February 2019 Edition
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Evelyn A. Flores
School heads, School heads attributes, Systems Approach Management, Teachers
This study aimed to assess the systems approach management in Public Secondary Schools in CALABARZON, with the end in view of coming up with a management plan for a more effective utilization of the Systems Approach. Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions: 1. How may the school heads be described by the teachers and school heads themselves relative to the following attributes: 1.1. professional characteristics; 1.2. personal characteristics; 1.3. work ethics; 1.4. communication skills; 1.5. intra - personal sills; 2. What constraints are met by school heads in carrying out the dimensions of Systems Approach Management? 3. Based on the analysis, what management plan may be designed for a more effective utilization of the Systems Approach? This study used the descriptive method of research to trace the status of the Systems Approach Management Among Public Secondary Schools in Calabarzon. This method was thought the most suitable in identifying current status and practices of the indicator used. The study used a questionnaire in the form of a checklist/rating scale to elicit data from the two groups of the respondents. The questionnaire contains school heads and teachers description on the school heads’ attributes. To futher elaborate the discussion on the data gathered an interview and focus group discussion with the respondents, both teachers and school heads was done regarding their own experiences. The subjects of the study are the public secondary school heads and teachers. Sampling technique was used applying Slovin’s formula at five percent margin of error to obtain the sample population of teachers and school heads from Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon. For the study to become accurate, statistical measures were used for the analytical presentation of results of the study. The responses on the questionnaire were measured through the respondents’ answer on each corresponding weight value, with one as the lowest and five as the highest. Descriptive equivalents or verbal descriptions of numerical results were interpreted using the following scale continuum. Option Scale Range Verbal Description 5 4.5 – 5.0 Very Greatly Manifested 4 3.5 – 4.49 Greatly Manifested 3 2.5 – 3.49 Moderately Manifested 2 1.5 – 2.49 Least Manifested 1 1.0 – 1.49 Not Manifested At All The results of the study revealed that schools heads are aware of their functions, while teachers revealed a lesser extent of awareness of the status school heads relative to the dimension of the systems approach management. From the data obtained, it was concluded that the school heads and teachers differ significantly in their assessments as regards the description of the school heads on the systems approach management. On the other hand, the personal characteristics assesses by the school heads are all very greatly manifested, while teachers assessed this attributes greatly manifested only. With regards on professional characteristics, work ethics, communication skills, intra-personal skills, interpersonal skills, skills in managing time and financial skills were all assessed by the school heads as very greatly manifested, while teachers assessed these attribute as moderately manifested. Based from the findings, it is but imperative that the school heads must do their best to show to their teachers that they possess the different attributes that a school leader must have.
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