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Design And Construction Of Moveable Solar Energy Street Light For Use In Nigerian Institute Of Leather And Science Technology.

Volume 2 - Issue 3, March 2018 Edition
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Arowosere, F.O., Akintade, S.A
solar panel (photovoltaic cell) solar battery, charge controller, energy saving bulb, pole and interconnecting cables.
The solar energy is tapped and converted directly in to electricity by the solar panel (photovoltaic cell) which is being used to power a solar street light. The battery stores the excess solar energy during the day which the charge controller prevents the battery from overcharging and also charges the battery.This project unveils the design and construction of a solar energy street light system with dust to dawn operation with the aid of tight dependent resistor (LDR). The basic system components includea50watt solar panel, 100Ah solar battery, 12 volt charge controller, 15watt energy saving bulb 3.5meter pole and interconnecting cables. However, the result obtained shows that the charge controller served a dual purpose in channeling electricity (DC) from the photovoltaic module to both the battery and DC electric load. The charge controller also monitoring the system performance and provide system protection.
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