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Performance Analysis Of FOG And Cloud Computing Data Transmission System In Iot Environment

Volume 3 - Issue 4, April 2019 Edition
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Md. Mohyminul Islam, Muzahida Rahman, Abdul Bari Rabin, Mohammad Golam Sarwar Bhuyan
CLOUD Computing, FOG Computing, Internet of Things, Raspberry pi.
Internet of Things has been acquiring a lot of focus in the era of technological evolution. Current augmentation in various technologies has covered the way for many IoT services that are now being spread out in different sectors. Uses of The internet of things are simultaneously increasing day by day and those things make a huge amount of data. Now comes a question, how can we transmit this huge amount of data, store data, handle data & secure data? Cloud computing and Fog computing is mostly used in IoT datagram. IoT can enlarge its scope and service provisioning capabilities with the integration of the cloud computing & fog computing paradigm. We proposed a comparison framework that separately illustrated with some factors to compare Fog and Cloud computing data transmission from the edge to the core level of the IoT environment. We collect real-time sensor data through Raspberry Pi and send separately to the Firebase Cloud server and FOG server and estimate the dataset with two factors: latency analysis, Accuracy analysis.
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