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ZTBL Credit Program Effects On Marrow (Cucurbita Maximia) Productivity In The Community Of District Mardan Pakistan

Volume 1 - Issue 3, September 2017 Edition
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Dr. Naushad Khan, Dr.Munir Khan
Effects, Finance Program, Production, , Community
Credit availability play great role in the development of vegetable. Seeing to its importance the study was conducted in rural area of District Mardan. The main aim of the research title was to investigate the effects of Zarai Tarqiati Bank Limited Finance Program on Marrow productivity, and to see the hurdles and obstacles to marrow growers by ZTBL. The total credit owners of ZTBL was 260 while 58 have grown the marrow in their farms. All 58 were interviewed and through questionnaire data were collected from the respondents. For analysis different statistics were applied. The result indicates average yield per hectare before 2812 Kg and after 4145Kg which was significant at 5% level. The total average per hectare cost before was Rs.17152 and after Rs.38708, and found the result significant at 5% level. The total return per hectare before was recorded Rs 83362 and after Rs.165791 and found significant at 5% confidence level. The study further explains that marrow growers facing large number of problems such as non availability of pure seed, water shortage, complicated procedure of credit availability and high interest rate of the bank, non availability of loan in time for purchasing inputs by bank, lack of proper market for their output, instability of support and subsidized price system. On the basis of hurdles and obstacles the study recommend pure seed accessibility, water channel improvement, credit provision on easy term, low interest rate by ZTBL, accessibility of proper market, support price and subsidized price system for enhancement of Marrow productivity.
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