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Theoretical Measurements Of Effective Potential And Dissociation Energy Of Hydrogen Fluoride H1f19 And H2f19 Molecule

Volume 1 - Issue 3, September 2017 Edition
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Dhia Hamdi Al-Amiedy
effective potential, electronic transition, excited states dissociation energy, ground state.
The rotation effect upon Morse potential had been studied and the values of the effective potential upon potential curves had been calculated for (X, B) systems of the Silver Hydrogen fluoride H1F19 and H2F19 for the electronic transition B1Σ+ − X1Σ+ systems for the rotational quantum number (0≤ J ≤ 150). Drawing potential curves for these systems had been done. It was found that the values of the rotation effective potential for electronic state X1Σ+ had larger values than that of electronic state B1Σ+. It is clear that the rotation effect agrees mathematically with theory of these spectra. It was found that that the values of dissociation energies of the electronic excited state B had larger values than that of ground electronic state X.
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