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Impact Of Credit Programs Of Zarai Tarqiati Bank Limited On Fruits Plantation And Return In The Rural Community Of District Mardan

Volume 1 - Issue 2, August 2017 Edition
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Dr. Naushad Khan, Dr.Munir Khan
Impact of Credit Program, On Fruits Plantation, Return, Rural Community District Mardan
Fruits play key role in the development of a country and provide Sucrose, vitamins and starch etc to human body. Seeing to its scope and demand the present study was arranged, to see the impacts of credit program of ZTBL on fruits plant number, return and problems faced to fruit growers in the selected area. The universe of the study was district Mardan which consist of three tehsil namely Mardan, Takhth Bai and Katlang The total bank beneficiaries were 260 while the fruits growers were only 21. With the help of interview schedule data were collected from the respondents according to objectives and analyzed with the help of descriptive statistics and Paired t-test was used for comparison of fruit plant number and return. The finding of the study shows 76% effect of the credit was positive while 24% claimed the effects were negative. The total plant number of fruit after credit was 8523 and before credit was 3618, difference was 4905 while total change was 136% and plants number were found significant at 5% level. The total return after and before credit were Rs.1420341 and Rs.808347 respectively and difference was Rs.611994 and change was 76% and return was found significant The fruit grower faced larger number of problems i.e shortage of finance, lack of quality variety, water shortage, attack of white ants and stem borer attacks, complaint of stealing, un-proper marketing system, lack of support and subsidized price system and different pest attack etc. On the basis of problems following suggestions were recommended i.e. Credit facility according to requirement on low interest rate should be provided to the farmers; quality variety supply to the farmer on low price by Government Department is requested , Pesticide availability on low price and , proper security to fruit production, provision of proper marketing system, agro-based industries establishment in the local region, Provision of loan in time and on easy term for enhancement of0000 fruit production in the study area are recommended.
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