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Design And Development Of Manually Operated Reaper Machine

Volume 1 - Issue 2, August 2017 Edition
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Tesfaye Olana Terefe
Agricultural mechanization, design and development, grain, harvesting machinery, reaper,
Grain harvesting is the important part in agricultural mechanization. The use of reaper technology in developing countries to minimize the product cost which will be result in economic development of agricultural production. This paper tends to provide the design and development of manually or mechanically operated reaper machine. The current situation in our country the traditional use of harvesting mechanism is more tedious, time consuming and not able to develop the agricultural sector of the low farmers in economic. Depending on the problem stated through abstraction of literature and the existing reapers, to satisfy the customer needs the gathered data has been interpreted to meet the requirement of the objective of the problem. The mission of this project through which the product is developed to spread out the appropriate technology to the countries primary and the secondary market are identified with the stakeholders. The general procedure of conceptual design used; concept generation by decomposing into main and sub function, product ideas from internal and external search, generating alternative solution by setting criteria’s and Digital Logical Approach has been used for concept evaluation and selection. The product architecture and configuration finally introduced in the embodiment design after the selection of final concept. Design and development of mechanically or manually operated reaper for grain harvesting machine which is evaluated against the technical and economical criteria’s can be carried out to be suitable with the most Ethiopians low farmers capacity.
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