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Hybrid Selective Steganography

Volume 1 - Issue 2, August 2017 Edition
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Sushma R B, Dr. Manjula G R, Sayyed Johar
Image Steganography, Random Index Channel, Pixel Pattern Based, PSNR, MSE
The dream of our Prime Minister "Digital India" will be successful only if there is reliable security for the digital data Majority of the sensitive information which passes through the communication channel is vulnerable to attackers. Hence we need to develop algorithms that will help protect the integrity of digital media element and intellectual property rights of its owners. So it is necessary to develop methods which not only involves hiding of sensitive information but also the fact that communication is taking place. To achieve these requirements we are using the concept of Steganography which is the art of secret. There are several types of steganography depending on which is the carrier. Here we have used Image as the carrier. Here we are using a combination of 2 algorithms, which is selected based on the data that is being communicated. The proposed scheme aims to provide better performances in terms of time, robustness and perceptual quality than other embedding algorithms.
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