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Analysis Of The Aviation Industry As A Growth Sector Of Economy: A Study Of Nepali Aviation Industries

Volume 1 - Issue 2, August 2017 Edition
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Dipak Prasad Bastola
Aviation Industry, Economic Growth, Growth sector of Economy, Influencing Factors
This research paper has been prepared based on the studies of Nepali aviation industry and its impact on the economic sector of Nepal. It is understood that presently Nepali Aviation has Direct, Indirect, and Induced influence on the economic development of Nepal. Although, fixed wing aircraft is currently being used less frequently in our country, their flight to other countries along with the use of helicopters, have been effective on adding to the potency of aviation industry of Nepal. This also has marked contribution on the rise of economic status of the country. While this business has a capacious potential, the development and expansion of this industry is seemingly moving at a snail’s pace. This research paper is thus based on the reason behind this delayed advancement of the industry with primary focus on its impact on the country’s economy. This research finding will be valuable for all type of aviation industries around the globe to achieve high level of economic growth.
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