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The Organisation For The Harmonisation Of Business Law In Africa (OHADA) System: Overview Of Some Benefits And Problem Areas

Volume 2 - Issue 9, September 2018 Edition
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Ngaundje Doris Leno
Business Law, Harmonisation, Organisation, OHADA
As much as the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) aims to improve the legal environment for business, the harmonisation process should be seen as a tool of economic integration with several advantages. Despite the achievements and benefits, OHADA, like other regional integration efforts in Africa, has some temporary drawbacks that may become permanent if no effort is made to overcome them. The primary focus of the paper is to present OHADA’s background; offer an overview of some of the salient benefits of OHADA’s institutional and regulatory framework; consider OHADA’s problem areas; and propose possible solutions to the problems. The value of the paper, therefore, lies in the insight it offers into OHADA, the benefits and problems of its institutional and regulatory framework. It is also important because it is laying the foundation in making the OHADA structure available for all Africans.