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Gender Differences In Mathematics Proficiency And Mastery Of The Learning Competencies In General Mathematics Of Senior High School Students

Volume 2 - Issue 10, October 2018 Edition
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Emil C. Alcantara, Rhea Rose M. Abanador
gender, General Mathematics, learning competencies, mastery, mathematics proficiency
This study aimed to determine the gender differences in the mathematics proficiency and mastery of the learning competencies in General Mathematics of Grade 11 students in the senior high schools of San Pascual District, Division of Batangas, Philippines. This study utilized descriptive method of research. Two hundred seventy seven (277) students out of the total of 894 Grade-11 students during the SY 2016-2017 were used as the subjects of the study. There is no gender difference in learning strategies accounted for male and female in terms of mathematics proficiency. There is no significant difference between the male and female students’ extent of mastery of the learning competencies in functions and their graphs. Female students are more likely to have greater extent of mastery of the learning competencies in business mathematics than male students. Male students tend to have greater extent of mastery of the learning competencies in Math logic than female students. It can be attributed to the tendency of male students to use more novel problem-solving strategies, whereas female students are more likely to follow school-taught procedures. Intervention activities and preparation of strategic intervention materials that focus on these gender gaps are likely to yield educational benefits.
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