IJARP SJIF(2018): 4.908

International Journal of Advanced Research and Publications!

Evaluation Of Traffic Speed Study In Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Volume 3 - Issue 8, August 2019 Edition
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Md Ariful Islam, Arifa Sultana
Speed Characteristics, Spot Speed, Traffic Flow, Travel speed.
Bangladesh is a very populated country and its population is increasing day by day. As Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh it is the center of all governmental, financial and social activities. The main focus of this research is to understand the present status of traffic flow at the junction. The current work studies traffic speed characteristics in the city of Dhaka at one selected priority junction. In this work emphasis was given on traffic speed data collection and the analysis was carried out through primary traffic flow surveys at Tejgaon-Flyover junction to Shatrasta roundabout in Dhaka city which is done by manual method. This study is an attempt to understand the traffic patterns during different time periods for the safe and time efficient movement of the people and goods. The study involves both spot speed and travel speed of vehicles. The results from the present study will be helpful in controlling the traffic at the intersection and also in suggesting some of the remedial measures to improve the traffic safety in the region.
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