IJARP SJIF(2018): 4.908

International Journal of Advanced Research and Publications!

Solutions For Improving Quality Of Physical Education Of Students At The University Of Fire - VietNam

Volume 3 - Issue 8, August 2019 Edition
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Nguyen Dinh Nam, Kieu Binh Chinh, Nguyen Duy Hung, Phan Thi Luyen, Ngo Trung Hoc
Physical, education, University of fire, people's public security.
Through the assessment of the actual status of physical education at the University of Fire (UOF) in the recent years, although it has met some certain requirements, but there has still been the existence of many limitations, and has not brought into play its functions. In order to promote this work, we have delved the actual situation, built up and organized the experimental application of some solutions. The initial assessment of the experiment has shown that some proposed solutions have achieved relatively satisfactory results and can be widely applied to improve the quality of physical education in the University of Fire.
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