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Computer Aided Modeling & Cost Estimation Of A Hand Truck

Volume 1 - Issue 3, September 2017 Edition
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Sagar Shelare, Machchhendra Sonpimple, Trupti Gajbhiye
Hand Truck, Computer Aided Modeling, FEA, Comparison.
The proposed research focused on hand trucks used for transporting heavy load. Objective behind this research is to improved and simplified hand truck which is adopted to move heavy loads easily up and down from the stair; with the help of this truck we can lift the load easily up and down from stairs. This can be achieved by taking different parameters such as modification in shape of the assembly, by varying the thickness of the hollow pipe. For this purpose creo parametric 2.0 cad software will be used. The assembly will then test virtually with help of analysis software. Design a better stabilizer leg suspension system for a hand truck that adjusts to fit its terrain and has a customizable angle and height for its user. Designs and analysis of DC-powered, motorized, light material handling equipment. It pivots about an axle to let the hand truck angle vary on hills, ramps or uneven ground. Design a new solution or improve the existing one. This design needs to bolt up to the existing hand truck and provide ample strength, durability, and flexibility. Use an adjustable rate control device such as a spring assisted shock, gas spring or hydraulic shock, or even a simple rubber bushing. The main objective of this project is that to make a modified design in such a way that it operate with Safety more Versatility, Rugged and Reliable. And this achieved by using analytical as well as virtual method.
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