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A Study On Strength Properties Of Concrete Made With Waste Ready-Mix Concrete As Coarse Aggregate And Partial Replacement Of Cement By Ggbs

Volume 1 - Issue 3, September 2017 Edition
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Krishna Chaitanya E, Dr K Manjunatha, Harish B A
Recycling; Concrete aggregates; Compressive strength; Split Tensile strength; Fineness modulus; Shear strength;
Using waste materials for new products is a global trend undergoing rapid development. Recycling materials allows for a more efficient life cycle and contributes to environmental protection. In the construction field, this trend has gained importance because of the shortage of natural resources and because of environmental problems caused by storing building-demolition wastes and concrete wastes. This situation has led to the search for new applications for these wastes, and their use as aggregates in concrete is an interesting alternative. In this paper, some characteristics of recycled coarse aggregates obtained by crushing waste ready-mix concrete, as well as the mechanical properties of recycled concretes made by using various aggregates percentages and also with GGBS with various proportions, are presented.
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