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Branding Strategies For Georgian Wine Producers

Volume 1 - Issue 3, September 2017 Edition
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Salome Sakvarelidze
Branding, Wine, Product, Package, Label, Price.
Nowadays markets proceed to grow and competition, within the businesses are getting more ferocious. This simply means that companies cannot succeed only to have products or services. The 21st century and globalization of businesses gave direction to adjust business models to the new environment and to increase importance of international brand management. Brands are the most abiding corporate assets, which ensure durable economic benefits for the companies. People receive delight from wine for over 8000 years and it was one of the first products which were broadly traded. The industry is on the stage of maturing and is saturated with different brands. It is getting harder and harder to differentiate wine brands from each other. Wineries need to have a clear marketing and financial objectives to achieve a favorable outcome in the market.
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