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Women Micro Entrepreneurship: Role Of Shgs In Women’s Investment Pattern In Trichirapalli

Volume 1 - Issue 3, September 2017 Edition
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self help groups, unorganized, micro business.
Effective utilization of human resources to their optimum potential is the need of the hour. Women are the emerging human resource of the country. Women get immensely benefited from the micro loans. The purpose of the article is to bring out discussion on the role of SHGs in women investment pattern. The findings show that the SHGs are contributing in empowering the women who are unorganized, unprotected and who lack bargaining power by the training, orientation and enhancing them to invest properly so that they can contribute to the society and families. The present study is confined to women of Self Help Group, in Tiruchirappalli city. Tiruchirappalli city is one of the developed and famous cities in India. Women of self help group have played a significant role as micro entrepreneurs and so have contributed in development of all the society. Women’s investment in micro businesses, the problems faced by them while investing and the major activities carried out for the empowerment of women have been considered for the purpose of the study.
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