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Peri-Urban Areas In Algeria Between Political Strategy And Urban Reality Case Of Sidi El Bachir, Oran/Algeria.

Volume 2 - Issue 9, September 2018 Edition
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Bendouina khadidja, Hadjidj El Djounid, Khelafi Hamid
district; periphery (outskirts); population; sociability; urban sprawl.
Algeria represents an example by which one the phenomenon of the urban sprawl can be observed and studied, in particular these last decades. His appearance of new urban extensions in the peripheries of our cities is only consolidating the old armatures which came out in the colonial period around the peripheral crowns. This spatial expansion generated by several factors quoted previously, gave birth to an urban phenomenon containing a multitude of troubles: urbanistic, economic as well as social .Released through the text which follows an analysis between the town planning and between the urban sociology to describe and study one of the oldest districts ring peripheral of Oran which is Sidi El Bachir recording a blatant deficit in various sectors. Placed in the outskirts of the city of Oran this district exists since the colonial period and knows for these last decades.
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