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The Correlation Between Technological Influence Of Globalization And Body Image Of Students

Volume 3 - Issue 9, September 2019 Edition
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Dr. Therezia O. Conti, Maria Eufatima M. Wagan
body image, globalization, global media, technology
Globalization has influenced every individual, by means of technology, in every aspect of life. Technological influence of globalization and body image are subjects of numerous researchers, nowadays. Hence, finding the association between the two variables enabled existing literature to have a better understanding between these concepts. The descriptive type of research was used in the study to gather the needed data and information and information regarding the correlation between technological influence of globalization and body image of students. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers utilized a validated self-constructed questionnaire for 308 respondents. Random sampling was used in the study. The gathered information was analyzed using Spearman’s Rho and its corresponding hypothesis testing. The study revealed that all of the student respondents are exposed to different global media that affect the ways they present themselves to others. The study revealed that there is a significant weak positive correlation between the two variables. Based on the results of the study, it is recommended that students should limit their exposure to different global media so that they will not be affected by the beauty standards set by the society that are usually seen on global media. Moreover, parents and teachers should work together in developing the students’ self-concept for them to have a positive body image.
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