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Strategic Management: The Effects Of Culture On Firm Perfomamce

Volume 1 - Issue 6, December 2017 Edition
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Major Bhebhe
Organizational Culture, Organisation Performance, Balanced Score Card
The success of an organisation heavily depends on the skills, knowledge ability and the goes fairly deep into the enduring part of the organisation: the values and beliefs and principles of organisational members determine the success of an organisation. Through questionnaire methodology, this paper analyses the success or failure of the Financial Services Industry. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of Organisational culture on organizational performance in order know how culture of an organisation assist in enhancing the organizational performance. Balanced Score card is used to measure the organizational performance and Handy`s culture model is used. Qualitative approach is adopted in which a questionnaire is used to collect the data. 20 questionnaires have been distributed to the research participants out of which 15 questionnaire are returned to the researcher with complete information. The findings indicate that most banks have a Task culture according to hardy’s model and regarding the Balanced score card, the financial and customer perspective the culture have a negative impact. Most respondents say the bank is not performing well and has no good relationship with customers and customers are not satisfied. Overall the findings were not conclusive and further research is needed
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