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A Novel Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter With Stable Output Voltage

Volume 1 - Issue 6, December 2017 Edition
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Dhivya.K, Mahes Kumar.V, Babu.E
Classical Flying capacitor MLI, proposed Flying capacitor multilevel inverter(FCMI), Phase-Shift pulse width modulation(PSPWM)
Multilevel inverters (MLI) are plays an important role in industrial power applications. Generally conventional MLIs are categorized into diode clamped, flying capacitor clamped and cascaded H bridge type. They are having a more number of switches with less number of levels or more. Due to this it can provides a more switching losses and less accuracy. And also it can require more drivers for turn ON the switches, also difficulties in pulse width modulation. The proposed MLI is a new configuration in Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter (FCMI). The introduced MLI gives that it consists of less number of switches and gate drivers. And also it has features of voltage balancing property, purge the more dc source, double the output voltage levels, get better the output frequency range. The PWM control by using phase shift PWM. The simulations are made with help of PSIM simulation package and captivating all the parameters values.
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