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Creation Of Awareness Through Environmental Adult Education As A Solution To The Problem Of Habitat Loss In Ogoni, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Volume 3 - Issue 1, January 2019 Edition
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Batombari Gbidum Gimah; Dr. Tombari Bodo
Awareness, environmental adult education, habitat loss, human activities, oil spills, environmental degradation.
The study investigated the relevance of Environmental Adult Education in the prevention of habitat loss in selected Local Government Areas in Ogoni of Rivers State. The fact of deforestation, agricultural practice, industrialization and oil spill leading to habitat loss in Rivers State has raise questions of great concern to stakeholders, particularly communities who have suffered species extinction. The purpose of this study is to find out the human activities that lead to habitat loss, examine the adverse effects of habitat loss on the environment and man; and determine ways through which environmental adult education can minimize the occurrence of habitat loss. Hence, three objectives and one null hypothesis were used for this study. Survey research design was adopted, questionnaires were used for data collection. Responses to the questionnaire were analyzed using mean and grand mean for all the research questions and Z-test for the hypothesis. The result of this study revealed that the Ogoni people are instrumental to the destruction of their God-given environment and the people that are involved in the act of deforestation, bush burning, oil spills, carrying out bunkering business, and practicing artisanal refining of crude oil which degrades the environment are mostly adults. It was recommended that there should massive environmental adult education to curb habitat loss and further environmental degradation.
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