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Hazardous Area Classification Ä°n A Pharmaceutical Industry To Identify Major Hazards

Volume 5 - Issue 2, February 2022 Edition
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V Vipin Dev, Dr Raja K, PL Rupesh, D Surya Prakash
Hazardous Area Classification Risk Assesment, Electrical installation, Flash point.
The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for discovering, developing, manufacturing, and marketing drugs that are given to patients in order to cure them. Chemical and physical procedures are used to create pharmaceutical medications and components from basic materials. During this process, hazardous chemicals are used to perform unit activities such as separation, crystallisation, evaporation, filtering, distillation, and reaction. Because of the wide range of flammable liquids, flammable substances handled in the pharmaceutical sector, there is a . The scientific and engineering-based assessment and classification of hazardous (classified) locations within facilities where chemicals are manufactured, processed, or used, as well as the safe and proper specification and installation of electrical/ electronic equipment located there, is known as hazardous area classification in pharmaceuticals.
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