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Effect Of Resource Utilization On Implementation Of Strategy On Vocational Training Centers In Bungoma County, Kenya

Volume 6 - Issue 7, July 2023 Edition
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Emily Mokeira Okwemba
Resource Utilization, Strategy implementation, Organization Performance & Vocational Training
The main purpose of the study was to establish the influence of resource utilization on strategy implementation. Descriptive study design was employed. The study was guided by resourced based view. The researcher used descriptive research design. This is due to its capacity to enable the study to describe object of research and their relationship to the environment. The study population comprised of principals and departmental heads of the 36 registered government VTCs in Bungoma County, totaling to 193 respondents. Since the study population is homogenous it was sampling was done using Yamane’s sampling formula to get 130 respondents. Data was collected by help of questionnaires. Data was descriptively and inferentially analyzed and presented in tables and interpreted. The findings of the study indicated that resource utilization has a statistically significant effect on strategy implementation in VTC centers in Bungoma County, Kenya. The study concluded that appropriate strategy implementation in an organization should be well aligned to the various resources which should be well utilized to realize the desired goal for the strategic plans in place.
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