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Sustainability Development Plan Of ICT Companies Of The Next Wave Cities In Calabarzon

Volume 7 - Issue 2, February 2024 Edition
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Talag, Airene Rixelle Jackielou C.
ICT, quality management practices, sustainability performance, firm size, certification status
In 2019, to become a digital-native enterprise is a campaign for Philippine ICT companies with a dream of building technology and data on an enhanced digital business platform. Information Communications Technology (ICT) influences today’s way of life. The study intended to find out their company degree of sustainability and what improved efforts can be opted to eventually get certified or to avoid cancellation of certification so gathered feedback from company managers of ICT Companies in the 7 selected cities in CALABARZON Region. The study targeted 70 registered ICT companies as respondents with varying sizes and a few has been certified but the rest have not been. The descriptive correlational method of research was used utilizing an adaptive survey questionnaire. Percentage, mean and pearson’s r were used as statistical treatment. The hypotheses testing revealed that the quality management practices had no significant effect on sustainability performance of ICT companies. Likewise, the firm size and certification status had no mediating effect on the relationship of extent of quality management to level of sustainability. Also, the results of the study further revealed that majority of the ICT companies were large with 200 and above employees and 41 were Non-ISO certified. When it comes to quality management practices; customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, and improvement were assessed to a great extent while evidence-based decision making, and relationship management were assessed to a moderate extent. Meanwhile, respondents were assessed to having a very high level of social sustainability, economic sustainability, and environmental sustainability. On the basis of the findings, sustainability development plan was proposed so that ICT companies can be way ahead and more prepared compared with other industries. This will also serve as reference on how ICT companies can survive and how their projects can be sustained in the long run.
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