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Prospects And Challenges On Public Funds Management: The Reflection From Head Of Schools In Tanzania

Volume 5 - Issue 3, March 2022 Edition
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Mwita Sospeter
Challenges, Prospects, fund management and public funds
Quality of any service provision is subject to the leaders who are entrusted power to manage and control all the necessary resources such as funds and fiscal within the given institution. This is because in the era of massive transformation in school management and administration there is a need to update leadership and management skills for sustainable institutions. This study explored the prospects and challenges on public funds management in the reflection from the head of schools. Sample of 35 head of schools who were randomly obtained participated in this study. The results show that head of schools had inadequate expected skills in public funds management. It was further revealed that fund mismanagement in Tanzania leads to poor service delivery within public schools. However, several measures have been established to equip school leaders with appropriate financial skills including providing training on school fund management and attending seminars and/or in-services training on financial related courses. Thus, the responsible authorities are urged to establish regulations and institutions for training heads of schools before and after the appointment. This could help in assuring reliable heads of schools with appropriate public funds management skills. Therefore, heads of schools could draw appropriate skills, knowledge and experiences in school management upon being provided with in-house training on school management and administration. It also recommends that the agency responsible for training in cooperation with education stakeholders need to undertake several pieces of training to inform school leaders on the new changes in education management.
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