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A Shopper’s Tale: The Digital Marketing Influence On The Behavior Of Online Shopping Users, A Phenomenology

Volume 5 - Issue 3, March 2022 Edition
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Elmerson L. Baranao, MAEd, Louisse M. Garzo, Fsheimer L. Edra, Lord Vaunne Drey C. Teruel, Edward E. Balmores, John Dave U. Alvarado
Online Shopping, Digital Marketing Strategies, Product management, Customer Relations, Buyer-Seller Relationships, Business gains
Online shopping has significantly transformed the way consumers buy their desired products in this technological era. This study aims to set out the lived experiences of online shoppers who have altered their buying behavior to a more transcended one especially amidst this pandemic. Method: This qualitative paper made use of a phenomenological research design to understand the lived experiences and perceptions of the participants relative to the central question: "How do online marketing strategies affect the behavior of customers?” Data were gathered using a one-to-one interview that consists of twenty-five developmental questions and were analyzed using an inductive approach in theme development. Results: Four major themes emerged out of the data gathered which are Product Management, Customer Relations, Buyer-Seller Relationship, and Business Gains. Online shoppers’ behavior was directly influenced by the digital marketing strategies in consideration to the assessed product, trend impact, customer concerns and satisfaction, and the benefits they can get using this online business platform. The study revealed that online shoppers developed skills and characteristics that affect their purchasing behavior relative to the digital marketing strategies. Conclusion: Digital marketing significantly influenced the purchasing behavior of online shopping users who used various strategies as a reflection of their rich lived experiences. Recommendation: Online products and services providers may consider the identified behaviors of online shoppers through responsive digital marketing strategies crucial in promoting and protecting the best interest of the companies and consumers.
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