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Fintech With An Approach Of Business Analyst

Volume 5 - Issue 4, April 2022 Edition
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Damini Dutta
Banking, Business Analyst, Fintech, Financial Technologies, Finance, India, Infrastructure
Fintech is constantly becoming the next big thing in finance and banking industry in India, thanks to increasing research by academicians and improvements by innovators. However, it is also becoming the center of attraction of regulators. Fintech is, broadly speaking, an umbrella term for innovative financial solutions and business models which consist of such services. Simply put, Fintech is an innovation that helps businesses to seek improvements in the delivery, process, and access to financial services. Several developing economies like India and China have already felt its impact over the years. lt is a promising technology to transform legacy banking systems and clarity their age-old strategies, transform their work cultures, and develop new horizons. This research studies the potential or Fintech in existing economy and fills the gap in academic studies about business analysts’ approach towards Fintech. This article explains how Fintech can bring innovation in the obsolete banking system und positive impact on security issues.
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