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Post Operative Physiotherapy Rehabilitation In Case Of Tibial Shine Fracture With ACL Avulsion:- A CASE STUDY

Volume 5 - Issue 4, April 2022 Edition
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Komal Chauhan, Dr. Sandip Parekh, Hiral Parmar
Avulsion fractures, Anterior Cruciate Ligament, physiotherapy
Introduction: Avulsion fractures of tibial spine, leading to interruption of anterior cruciate ligament. These fractures are also known as tibial eminence fractures or ACL avulsion fractures. These injuries are usually seen in children aged between 8-13 years and are usually sports related injuries occurring especially during cycling and skiing. In adults these injuries are usually related to high energy trauma usually road traffic accidents. Clinical Findings: After taking proper informed consent patient was examined in lying position. Affected lower limb in full extension, swelling was present over the knee joint. Scar mark was present on the anterior aspect of leg extending from just below the tibial tubercle to mid shaft region. On palpation, local temperature was not raised. Tenderness was present with grade 2. On neurologic assessment it was found to be normal. Discussion: In this case report we are discussing a case of a 20 year old male with fracture of tibial shine fracture with ACL avulsion managed with. The primary goal of physiotherapy management was to prevent secondary complications and make the patient independent for which rehabilitation protocol was planned which included Ankle pumping exercises, Muscle setting of quadriceps, hamstrings, hip abductors, Multiple angle isometric of hamstring, Prone knee bending, Patellar mobilization, Maitland mobilization, Grade 3 joint mobilization, Closed chain exercises include bridging, partial squats, step ups, step downs, heel raises. Conclusion: physiotherapy plays an important role in rehabilitation of patient with tibial shine fracture.
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