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Lived Experiences of Solo Parents: A Case Study

Volume 5 - Issue 4, April 2022 Edition
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Liwayway G. Dagupon1, Zosima C. Garin2
Coping Mechanisms, Health, Lived Experiences, Parenting, Solo Parents
This study was conducted to find out the lived experiences of solo parents. This study tackles the physical, psychological, social, emotional, spiritual, and financial experiences of solo parenting; as well as the coping mechanisms utilized by solo parents. A descriptive case study design was used in the study and purposive sampling was utilized. Ten respondents, majority of which are single, high-school graduate women, were interviewed face-to-face while observing proper health protocols. The majority of the respondents’ physical status were undernourished due to poor and inadequate diet. They were mentally and emotionally distressed, due to greater responsibilities and the feeling of betrayal. In addition, the lack of awareness to the Solo Parents Association which could assist them with their issues. The majority of the respondents have experienced financial difficulty because they lack regular source of income to sustain their needs. The respondents use different coping mechanisms, the majority use physical, spiritual, and social coping strategies in addressing solo parenting problems. Most of them kept themselves busy with their hobbies or by spending time with their family. Faith and hope in God kept them going, some air grievances to friends, while others felt relaxed browsing their social media account. Recommendations to improve living conditions of solo parents and their children include focusing on healthy lifestyles like eating nutritious food, getting enough rest, and regular exercise. Making themselves busy and more productive to replace negative thoughts. Assist them in vegetable farming, and creation of livelihood projects as a source of regular income. Lastly encourage the solo parents to participate in social spiritual gatherings to find hope in God. Be socially active, join the Solo Parents Association for assistance, and be inspired for a brighter tomorrow.
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