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From Beliefs To Practices: The Lived Experiences Of Filipino Nurses Utilizing Traditional Filipino Health Remedies At Home, A Phenomenology

Volume 6 - Issue 3, March 2023 Edition
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Maricel T. Gubat, MEd 1, Anne Beatrice A. Jose 2, Ma. Angela Jayne M. Mandin 3, Danielle Rafael P. Pagtakhan 4, Josh Allen L. San Diego 5, Carol Anro A. Morales 6, Hannah Grace M. Padios 7, Dashly Venys L. Marquez 8
Filipino nurses, Incorporation, Personal Practice, Procedures, Traditional health remedies
Background: The improvement of primary healthcare in the Philippines has been greatly aided by the discovery of traditional health remedies. While few studies have highlighted the use of traditional Filipino health remedies, this paper provides a clear understanding of the lived experiences of Filipino nurses on traditional Filipino health remedies. Methods: This qualitative study utilized the phenomenological approach to fully understand the lived experiences and perceptions of Filipino nurses concerning the central question: "How would Filipino nurses in Qatar describe Traditional Filipino Health Remedies as effective?". The necessary data set was obtained in semi-structured interviews with twenty-five (25) questions and formulated themes from the responses of the participants. Findings: Findings have shown the usual procedures and perceptions of Filipino nurses in treating a particular ailment. It comprises three major themes with three sub-themes each: Constancy with the sub-themes Personal Experience, Evidence-based, and Practicality; Utility with the sub-themes Frugality, Accessibility, and Simplicity; and Producibility with the sub-themes Health Acquisition, Enculturation, and Knowledge Acquisition. Conclusion: The home-based integration of traditional Filipino health remedies of Filipino nurses reflects the significance and essential consideration of its usage. Despite living overseas, it also expresses one's practice of Filipino traditions. Recommendations: To fill in specific spaces of this study, it is suggested that future researchers diversify the respondent's profile by locale, status, and age. In addition to diversifying the demographics, it is also recommended that future researchers conduct further analysis on how the pandemic impacts the lived experiences of Filipino nurses on traditional health practices.
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