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Management Of Common Lumbosciatica In Menopausal Women At The Physiokinesitherapy Department Of The Central Hospital Of Yaounde

Volume 6 - Issue 4, April 2023 Edition
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Lumbosciatica, physiotherapy, postmenopausal woman.
Lumbosciatica is the combination of low back pain and pain along the sciatic nerve territory. It is defined as lumbar pain with distal pain radiating into the lower limbs of L5 or S1 radicular topography. The main causes are herniated discs and lumbar osteoarthritis. But most often, it results from a disco-radicular conflict L4-L5 or L5-S1. The age linked to ageing, the female sex, overweight, statics, menopause and so on are likely to induce lumbar or even radicular pain. The socio-professional consequences of other factors and the enormous costs to society are the cause of absenteeism. Low back pain is a warning signal for the physiotherapist. Our objective was to know the place of physiotherapy in the management of low back pain in postmenopausal women in the physiotherapy department of Yaounde Central Hospital (HCY). This is a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted at the HCY over a period of 6 weeks in postmenopausal women with filling low back pain. The prevalence of low back pain in the study population was 44%. The management of the patients consisted mainly of: physiotherapeutic techniques such as relaxation massage, physical exercises or medical gymnastics, spinal traction; a weight loss diet for overweight or obese women. Wearing a lumbar belt for hundreds. Thermotherapy, electrotherapy and balneotherapy were not applied. Physiotherapy led to the disappearance of pain in 54.54% of the patients, a clear improvement in 27.27% and the persistence of pain in only one patient. Physiotherapy is the therapeutic method for low back pain;
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