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Effect Of Bowen Technique On Pain, ROM And Function In Subjects With Non-Specific Low Back Pain-A Pilot Study.

Volume 5 - Issue 5, May 2022 Edition
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Dr. Akta Dabgar, Dr.Sandip Parekh, Dr. Drashti jani
Bowen Technique, modified schober’s test, VAS, low back pain, modified ODQ
BACKGROUND: The Bowen technique is a vital connective tissue treatment that was initiated by the “Late Tom Bowen” in Geelong Australia.In this therapy a therapist uses finger or thumb to apply painless, smooth rolling on muscle, tendons, other connective tissue in specific part of the body. PURPOSE: This study is carried out to see the effectiveness of dynamic soft tissue mobilization on pain, ROM and function in subjects with non-specific low back pain. METHODOLOGY: This study was undertaken on 30 participants with age 30-60 years and diagnosed with non-specific low back pain. All participants received protocol for 4 weeks 4 sessions per week. The modified ODQ, modified schober’s test and VAS were used for data collection before and after treatment. Data were analysed using MS Excel 2019 and SPSS version 20 software. RESULT: The mean score before treatment for MODIFIED ODQ, MODIFIED SCHOBER’S TEST, and VAS were respectively 48.78000, 3.4600, and 6.656. After treatment, they were and 35.8333, 4.1467 and 3.0067 respectively with p value (<0.5).CONCLUSION: Based on analysis and result it was concluded that, Bowen technique was highly significant for increasing ROM, function and reducing pain in subjects with non-specific LBP.
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