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The Influence Of The Double Reduction Policy On Elementary And Middle Schools In China Since 2021

Volume 6 - Issue 4, April 2023 Edition
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Li Bing
the influencing factors?the Double Reduction, elementary, middle school.
In 2021, China proposed the “Double Reduction” strategy. This approach’s goal is to decrease students’ stress related to schoolwork and after-school coaching. Presently, nearly a year after the fact, numerous nearby legislatures have implemented this strategy with their schooling arrangements. “Double Reduction” appears to have diminished the tension between families and students, as indicated by current internet-based assessments. Nonetheless, due to the “Double Reduction” strategy, students can’t procure information through after-school life as in the past, and metropolitan youngsters, particularly those from double-income families, need supplemental instruction from parents, as a rule. How do these vacuums influence students? Significant data were gathered through interviews and reviewing writing on the Web. In light of this useful information, this paper breaks down whether students get proper home schooling to make up for the loss of their ability to learn through extracurricular coaching and after-school schoolwork. Quantitative methodology was used to analyze the influencing factors in the effectiveness in the implementation of the Double Reduction Policy. The findings indicated that there were multiple significant but weak correlations between the combination of independent variables (familiarizing ideas, generating knowledge, reviewing knowledge, producing quality) and the dependent variable (teaching strategy). It was found that due to the absence of sufficient after-school schoolwork and after-school mentoring, some extremely successful students might in any case perform at a high scholastic level (upper and elementary grades), yet lower-accomplishing students’ scholastic performance turned out to be lower because of the absence of parental discipline.
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