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Participation In Communication For The Individuals With Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Patients Living In The Community

Volume 6 - Issue 4, April 2023 Edition
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Tazmina Islam Tithi, Nure Naznin, Sanjida Subahan, Md. Habibur Rahman
Communication, Participation, Cervical Spinal Cord Injury, Community.
Lack of communication participation have a great negative impact on the quality of life. Patients with cervical SCI face voice and speech reduced vocal loudness, reduce sound prosody, hard breathlessness, and hard roughness which ultimately affects communication skills. SCI is a life-threatening lifelong disability so the proper monitoring of communication function may help to identify those peoples who could benefit from the intervention during community life. To determine the nature and extent of communication participation for the individual with CSCI living in the community. The study was a cross-sectional prospective survey method among 45 samples who live in Savar area by convenience sampling. The General short form of Communication Participation Item Bank (CPIB) tools used for data collection through face-to-face interviews and phone calls. Descriptive Statistical analysis for data analysis. The researcher found CSCI is more typical in males than females and resulted in overall minimal interferences with communicative participation among patients with CSCI during communicating quickly, having long conversations, having detailed information, and having fast-moving questions. The Individual analysis of participants also showed greater difficulties in communication participation. Individuals with CSCI notice and experience meaningful changes in communication participation after CSCI with impacts on daily living and social participation.
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