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Reportage Of Climate Change Issues In Nigerian Newspapers

Volume 6 - Issue 5, May 2023 Edition
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James Yamta Bwala
Climate Change, Newspaper, Disaster. Reportage
This study is a content analysis of three national Dailies (Nigerian Tribune, Daily Trust and Daily Sun Newspapers) to determine the Reportage of Climate Change Issues for a period of 12 months. The objectives of this study is to determine the extent of coverage of Climate Change Issues, to find out the courses of Climate Change, find out the kind of report being carried on subject matter of Climate Change in Nigeria. This unit of analysis of the study are volume of coverage, while the content categories were classify as: Flooding, Food Security, Earthquake, Landslide, Volcanic Eruption, Oil Spillage, Erosion, Emission, Hurricane, Epidermic, Pollution and Climate news. Sample size for the study was 293. Variables measures include news types, placement, source etc. Data were analysed using both descriptive (Frequency, Percentage) and Inferential (Chi-Square) statistics at P<0.05.It was found that the volume of coverage of issues is poor and that the dominant form of presentation was news stories. It was recommended among others that Reporters should beam their searchlight around Universities and Research Institutions to uncover available knowledge in research finding with regards to coverage of Climate Change Issues as regular communication about it is the first step towards developing coping mechanisms in Nigeria.
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