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Post Operative Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Of Hoffa’s Fracture: A Case Series

Volume 5 - Issue 6, June 2022 Edition
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DR.Subham Parmar, DR. Dharmang Vyas
Cortico-cancellous screw, Herbert screw, HOFFA’S fracture, open reduction internal fixation, post operative.
Background: A coronal fracture of the distal femoral condyle, known as a HOFFA’S fracture, commonly occurs and is easy to misdiagnose. Surgical treatment and rehabilitation is primary method of treatment. So, this study involves left Hoffa’s lateral condylar fracture managed by open reduction internal fixation with C-C screw and rehabilitation Case presentation: We reported a 7 cases of 15-50 years patients who visited to our hospital with complaint of pain during knee bending, transfer activities and prolong standing. They presented with lateral and medial condylar HOFFA’S fracture and this cases is managed by C-C screw and Herbert screw fixation by means of ORIF. After surgery physiotherapy management was started after 1 day of surgery. No early complications, such as infection, and loss of reduction were noted after surgery. Outcome measure: VAS, GONIOMETRY, MMT, GIRTH(MEASURETAP) Conclusion: Our case study highlight the importance of early post op physiotherapy management after HOFFA’S fracture. And we reported that physiotherapy plays an important role in rehabilitation of patients with HOFFA’S fracture.
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