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A Tracer Study On The Employability Of Bachelor In Agricultural Technology Graduates (2011-2020) Of Eastern Visayas State University Burauen Campus

Volume 5 - Issue 6, June 2022 Edition
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Aileen D. Tacbalan
Agricultural Technology, Competency, Employability, Graduates, Tracer Study,
This paper mainly determined the employability of the graduates of Bachelor in Agricultural Technology of Eastern Visayas State University Burauen Campus from 2011-2020. The goal of this study was to track the performance of agricultural technology graduates in order to improve the curriculum. Specifically, it seek out to determine the employment profile of the graduates, competency or skills provided and the rate of the BAT program. The descriptive research design was used in this tracer study. The vast majority of graduates found work in government organizations as service worker and agricultural technician. Most of them their job not related to their graduated program with more than a year of work search and employed within the locality. Majority were contractual with a monthly income of below Ƥ 10,000.00 and got a job through their friends’ recommendations. The competencies provided in college were high in particular to core value formation skills and human relation skills. On the hand, oral and written communication skills were perceived the least competency skills gained of graduates. The rate of the program rated as high. Teacher-student relationship most rated of the graduates while relevance to the position and relevance to the program to your professional requirements rated the least. Similar tracer studies on the employability of graduates should be conducted in the future with additional variables to be tested.
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