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Life Transformation Through Global Tree Nuts: A Case Of Macadamia Nuts Producing Farmers In Zimbabwe.

Volume 5 - Issue 6, June 2022 Edition
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Innocent Mharidzo, Dr L Chikazhe, Dr N.Mashavakure, Dr J Manyeruke
Transformation; Investment; Macadamia nuts; Consumption; Sustainability.
Macadamia nuts were an important commodity among the Aborigines society in Australia where they originated. The nuts found use in medicine, food, cosmetics and gifts at feasting inter-tribal ceremonies. Due to their impact on the lives of the ordinary men, the macadamias were then commercialized around 1930s in Hawaii. While Zimbabwe now boost of vast orchards of macadamias after their introduction in 1965, their contribution to the life of the ordinary Zimbabwean farmer is not known. As a result, this paper sort to empirically, investigate the impact of macadamia nuts farming on the lives of farmers in Zimbabwe so that the government and individuals who intend to consider growing the crop make an informed decision. Data set captured from 128 macadamia farmers through a questionnaire was used in the study. Proceeds realized from macadamia nut orchards have enabled the majority of farmers to prepare a better future for their children, adequately provide food for the family, build decent homes, afford to pay family policies, plough back in the orchards through infrastructure development and reinvest in other income generating projects. This study concludes that macadamia nuts farming is very sustainable and has proved to be a game changer in the lives of the ordinary farmers in Zimbabwe. The study thus recommend government to improve its support for the sector and to encourage farmers to invest money realized from macadamia nuts in order to have a fallback position.
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