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IOT Based Anti-Poaching And Fire Alarm System

Volume 6 - Issue 6, June 2023 Edition
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Dr. R.Pushpavalli, S.Surendara Kumar, B.Surendhar, R.Rajaganapathi
Anti-Poaching, IAFS, Forest officials, Sensors.,
Poaching has a huge imbalance in the ecosystem, due to poaching many endangered species are now on the brink of extinction. Even with all the addition of extra manpower to curb the poaching activities and safeguard the forest, it is still inefficient owing to the large and dense forest area. A framework of IoT based Anti- poaching and Fire alarm System (IAFS) is proposed with combining different types of sensors such as temperature sensor, smoke sensor and Light Dependent Resistors (LDR) sensor. The proposed IoT primarily based on IAFS includes Arduino board which collects all the parameters from those sensors and relays the facts to the cloud. The cloud platform continuously monitors unit’s devices the statistics and sends an alert notification to the forest officials whenever there can be any intrusion detected. The aim of this proposed work is to be able to remotely monitor forest cover and poaching of wild animals. The proposed IAFS enables forest officials to monitor the forest area and collect data of any intrusion remotely. In addition to this, the proposed work shows better performance in the aspect of poaching than other existing system.
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