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Capacity Management Practices and Customer Satisfaction among the Shopping Centers in Sultan Kudarat

Volume 5 - Issue 7, July 2022 Edition
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Kenneth Aguinaldo Sangalang, Charmie A. Lagdamen
Capacity Management, Customer Satisfaction, Inventory Management, Tool Capacity, Workforce Performance.
Firm`s capacity management practices has a substantial influence on customer satisfaction especially across industries engaged in merchandising businesses. This study was conducted to measure the extent of capacity management practices considering workforce performance, tool capacity management and inventory management, additionally, the extent of customer satisfaction considering the factors customer compliments and customer expectations, with the used of survey result’s mean. The study also determined the relationship of capacity management practices and customer satisfaction of shopping centers in the province of Sultan Kudarat using Pearson correlation. Among the 24 respondents obtained, the study revealed that workforce performance, tool capacity management and inventory management are often observed in the shopping centers. At the same time, 1000 customers strongly agreed that their compliments and expectations based on their shopping experience are achieved by the shopping centers. Meanwhile, the Pearson correlation revealed that capacity management practices have low positive relationship with customer satisfaction.
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