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Development of Mental Health Mobile Application for the Office of Guidance and Counseling

Volume 5 - Issue 7, July 2022 Edition
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Philip D. Geneta, Rhea C. Coloma, Rubie Anne D. Garcia, John Carlo E. Rosales
mental health, mobile application, information system, Kotlin, PHP, MySQL
The Mental Health Mobile Application for the Office of Guidance and Counseling was developed to provide an online counseling for the students that will protect their privacy and confidentiality and will address the stigma attach to mental health. This application was designed to utilize the transmission of messages between the students and guidance counselor. Moreover, it also provides useful information about mental health. It also offers online scheduling appointment where the students can request for consultation. Thus, the admin/guidance counselor will use the web-based system to access student’s information, provide articles, videos and activities and perform counseling for the students. The researchers used Kotlin for the development of the mobile application, PHP for web development and MySQL for the database. Then the developed application was tested and improved using debugging, compatibility and monkey tests. The performance of the application and web-based system was evaluated by ten (10) experts including guidance counselor, psychometrician and IT programmers, and ten (10) possible end-users including students of BatStateU. It was evaluated using the ISO 9126 model with the following criteria: security, maintainability, functionality, usability and portability. The developed mobile application gained an overall mean score of 4.69 with a descriptive rating of Excellent signifying that the mobile application met its objectives and that the evaluators were satisfied of the outcome and capabilities of the Mental Health Mobile Application for the Office of Guidance and Counseling.
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