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Examination Of Triple Play Deployment In Wide Area Network

Volume 6 - Issue 6, June 2023 Edition
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Seth Okyere-Dankwa1, Mensah Sitti2, Solomon Anab3
There has been a significant change in the communication industry for the past decade. Customers taste has changed and the deregulation in the industry brought about more competition. There is now much concern, talk and discussions on Triple Play that is video, voice and data services over an integrated network. Meanwhile most of the networks being used today are designed with data application in mind. Data being non-real time application is not affected by delay, drop and jitter as a result of congestion. The impact on delay, drop and jitter has negative effect on video and voice being transmitted over network. This Study discusses the characteristics of data, voice and video facilities and their network requirements. The Study also looks at the effective, efficient and more reliable network facilities that will support the convergence of voice, video and data. The Study will finally touch on the management and security issues of the network which support the convergence.
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