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Traffic Squad - Smart Traffic Violation Detection System

Volume 6 - Issue 6, June 2023 Edition
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Riyaj Kaffardeen Mohammed
accuracy, cameras, detection, driver photo, effectiveness, fatalities, future developments, GPS location, incident, innovative application, penalty report, policies, road accidents, road safety organizations, road safety, speed, technology, traffic violation, vehicles.
An innovative approach to traffic safety that aims to improve both the detection and prevention of traffic violations is the TVD system. This research paper gives a nitty gritty investigation of the engineering, execution, and execution assessment of the framework. The proposed method is intended to detect over speeding traffic violations by combining image processing, computer vision, and machine learning methods. The most cutting-edge deep learning algorithms are used in this system to classify vehicles and their behavior in real-time accurately. The experimental results that demonstrate the proposed system's effectiveness and efficiency in detecting traffic violations under various traffic scenarios and lighting conditions are presented in this article. The possible advantages of this framework in further developing rush hour gridlock wellbeing, decreasing auto collisions, and implementing transit regulations are examined, alongside its impediments and bearings for future improvement. In general, traffic violation detection systems have the potential to improve traffic management and safety significantly.
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