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Arabica Coffee Bean Quality Identification Using Support Vector Machine-Based Digital Image Processing

Volume 6 - Issue 6, June 2023 Edition
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Judy Ann T. Nasuli, Joben P. Lumbis, Edwin R. Arboleda
Arabica Coffee Bean, Convolutional Neural Networks, Image Processing, Originality Certification, Support Vector Machine,
Existing institutions already began performing actions regarding the originality certification of coffee bean varieties and their quality. The purpose of this research paper was to investigate how technology can assist in performing evaluations through image analysis. Specifically, the study focused on developing a system to classify the quality and size of Arabica coffee beans. The system utilized image processing to analyze morphological features of coffee bean images, including area and perimeter. By combining these features and using a support vector machine (SVM) classifier, the system achieved an accuracy rate of 95% in identifying coffee bean quality and size. These findings suggest that technology-based tools can effectively assist with object evaluation, particularly in the context of coffee bean classification.
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