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Human Resource Practices For Physically Challenged Employees: Basis For Intervention Program

Volume 6 - Issue 6, June 2023 Edition
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Ricardo S. Jimenez
Hiring, Recruitment and Selection, Soft skills and Hard skills, Employment of PCPs, problems of the workforce,RA10524.
This research investigation focus to establish the relationship between level of HR practices such as skills, educational attainment, age, and sex of physically challenged people (PCPs) that may influence employment preferences in the BPO industry and to develop an intervention program for human resource practitioners. According to the study of Robert Katz, Kurt Fischer, and Zheng Yan's Theories on Skills Approached, which recognize to the cognitive abilities as a required qualification for physically challenged people. This study used a quantitative research design using frequencies, sums, averages, and multiple regression. The HR Practitioners, HR Managers, and HR Supervisors of private institution analyzed the ten skills that PCP should acquire, their preferred educational attainment , and type of disabilities that employers may consider to be employ. The existence of discrimination despite of crafted local and international laws on PCP, particularly on age and disability, is a fact. Communication, collaboration, and the ability to analyze industry computer and software applications are required in both soft and hard skills, and the researcher designed the PCP's a program for physically challenged individuals for the improvement of their skills and its human resource process on recruitment and selection processes, respectively
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