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Motivation And Workplace Environment Affecting Organizational Commitment Of The Faculty Of Business Administration, Savannakhet University, Naxeng Campus, Lao PDR.

Volume 5 - Issue 8, August 2022 Edition
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Candle Sidthisone, Hatsady Seeluanglath, Keovilay Thonlamee, Thongmi Keobounmi, Vilaiphone Hanthavong
Employee Motivation, Organizational Commitment
This empirical study sought to investigate the factors affecting organizational commitment. The study aimed to determine various factors including personal, work motivation, and a working environment which affects the organizational commitment and the level of employees’ engagement with the organization. A total of 39 respondents from the Faculty of Business Administration, Savannakhet University, Naxeng Campus, Lao PDR have participated in this research survey. Data collected were done via google survey and were analyzed descriptively. A regression analysis was conducted using a statistical software. Results showed that the factors affecting organizational commitment were rated good in almost all aspects. Its standard deviation is small implying a reliable opinion. The regression analysis result revealed that motivation and workplace environmental factors are significantly affecting organizational commitment. However, the hygiene factor was found not to be significant. This implies that an organization has to improve on its motivational as well as workplace environment factors so as to enhance the organizational commitment of the employees.
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