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Investigating The Impact Of Architectural Design Variables On Reducing Construction Costs And Providing Solutions In Value Engineering

Volume 7 - Issue 2, February 2024 Edition
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Maryam Malziri; Ahmad Mirzakochek Calligrapher
architectural design variables, reducing construction costs, value engineering
Accurate cost estimation during the design phase of a project is crucial for ensuring the quality of architectural design and the ability to start and complete construction on schedule. To address the challenges related to performance, form, time, and economy in building design, this study aims to identify inefficient elements or costs resulting from unnecessary construction by utilizing value engineering techniques. To achieve this objective, a list of main design variables that impact construction costs was compiled through library research on the design process. These variables include the shape and complexity of the design, building size, building height, number of floors, building coverage, circulation space, integration, percentage of wall, mechanical and electrical services, column spacing, floor spacing, and compatibility. Subsequently, interviews and case samples were used to explore these variables using a Likert scale. The collected data was then subjected to statistical analysis using SPSS software, including a one-sample t-test to determine the accuracy of the variables and Friedman's test to rank them. The research findings revealed that the shape and complexity of the design and the height of the building are among the most critical variables posing threats to the quality and cost of architectural projects.
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