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Digital Learning For Kids

Volume 5 - Issue 11, November 2022 Edition
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Sharmilan Sureshwaran, Nilakshana Rajeswaran, Kithusshand Raveendran, Sriram Rajeswaran
Text To Speech (TTS), Machine Learning(ML),Image Processing, Web Scraping.
The current educational system changed to use the digital learning system due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. There is a huge need for the Digital Learning platforms that could use by the students and kids for the educational purpose. The currently available digital learning platforms needs to enhance, ensure the safety for kids, and can provide variety of services for the kids using the newly available technologies like Text to speech (TTS), Machine Learning (ML), Image Processing, and Web scraping Technologies. The research paper is proposing a new system that could help to the kids to the learn the things very easily via watching the videos that is generated automatically using the new technologies.
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